50 Unique Handmade Dog Supplies

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At the risk of sounding like the parent of a preschooler, there is something special in a handmade item that you just don’t find in a mass manufactured one. So today we’re giving a nod to 50 of our favorite and most awesome handmade dog supplies that you and your pup want.

To make it easier, we’ve categorized them into several areas, such as handmade dog collars, handmade dog beds, handmade dog house and more. Most of these handmade dog supplies are from Amazon Homemade, an Etsy-type of section on Amazon store that majority don’t know about. These completely original and unique man-made items are some of the coolest things to own or at the very least they would make a perfect gift for any dog owner or lover.

10 Handmade Dog Collars

Dog Bow Tie Handmade Leather Dog Collars

Price: $36.00
Get It Here

If you’re heading to an event with your dog in tow, these burgundy bowtie handmade leather dog collars are a nice choice simply because it’s a more durable decorative collar option. Plus, if burgundy isn’t your color or you’d like a leather collar in a color other than brown, they offer that option too! You can grab these handmade dog collars to fit dogs with a neck circumference of anywhere from 8” to 26”.

Glow in the Dark Handmade Dog Collars

Price: $19.00 + $3.99 shipping
Get It Here

With Halloween just around the corner, we had to include these handmade dog collars amongst our favorites not only because it has a Halloween theme (and will go very well with your pup’s Halloween dog costume), but because it also glows in the dark! It’s the perfect way to spook the neighbors on Halloween night, or any other night for that matter! These handmade dog collars are available in sizes to fit dogs with a neck circumference of between 8” to 27”.

Personalized Handmade Leather Dog Collars

Price: $29.00 + $6.99 shipping
Get It Here

If you’re not a vegan or vegetarian then these personalized handmade leather dog collars make an incredible gift for any dog lover in your life. The collar itself has a unique pattern stamped onto the leather and a leather nameplate attached to the collar band so there are no loud name tags jingling! This collar is available in sizes to fit dogs with a neck circumference of between 10” to 30”.

Periodic Table Handmade Dog Collars

Price: $24.99
Get It Here

We have to admit that we’re science nerds at heart which is why we couldn’t resist adding this periodic table dog collar to our list of favorites. Colorful enough to stand out and unique enough to make a statement, you can pick these handmade dog collars up in sizes to fit a neck circumference of between 9” to 27”.

Donut Handmade Dog Collars

Price: $18.20 + $4.70 shipping
Get It Here

If you have a real sweet tooth, then you’ll love this donut collar as much as we do! Perfect for dogs with darker fur, the white background of these handmade dog collars stands out nicely and feature a cheerfully colored series of donuts. This collar is available in sizes to fit dogs with a neck circumference of between 7” to 22”.

April Blossoms Polyester Handmade Dog Collars

Price: $34.99 + $4.49 shipping
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One of the things we look for in handmade dog collars is nice bright colors (likely from our love for often overlooked black pups) and this collar certainly has bright! A light blue water patterned collar features pink flower blossoms and the silver buckle can be personalized with your dog’s name and your contact information. This collar is available in sizes to fit dogs with a neck circumference of between 8” to 29”.

Quick Release Handmade Leather Dog Collars

Price: $22.00 + $7 shipping
Get It Here

Apologies once again to our vegetarians out there (but we do have vegan-friendly dog products as well), but if our non-vegetarian fans are looking for a durable but colorful collar option, this is a nice choice. Colored a dark green with black hardware, this is ideal for lighter coated pups! These handmade leather dog collars are available in sizes to fit dogs with a neck circumference of between 11” to 28”.

Collier Leeds Small Handmade Dog Collars

Price: $60.00 + $4.49 shipping
Get It Here

Looking for that special gift for a small pup that holds a place in your heart? We pick this black handmade leather dog collars decorated with silver and turquoise accessories and a silver buckle. We love this collar because it’s both decorative and hardwearing. This collar is available in sizes to fit dogs with a neck circumference of between 9” to 13”.

Steampunk Handmade Leather Dog Collars

Price: $19.00
Get It Here

Not every pet parent wants a bright and pristine looking dog collar and if that’s the case for you, we recommend these handmade leather dog collars of steampunk theme with a silver colored buckle. Durable and hardwearing, the steampunk pattern adds an extra touch of personality. This collar is available in sizes to fit dogs with a neck circumference of between 11” to 13”.

Superman Dog Bow Tie Handmade Dog Collars

Price: $22.90 + $4.70 shipping
Get It Here

If you’re a comic book fan and want to add a little “whimsy” to your dog’s next collar, we recommend taking a look at this bowtie adorned Superman handmade dog collars. The bowtie slides off easily for use of the collar on less formal occasions and the black plastic buckle is easy to snap closed. This collar is available in sizes to fit dogs with a neck circumference of between 7” to 22”.


10 Handmade Dog ID Tags

Personalized Puffy Heart Pet ID Tag

Price: $17.00 + $4.49 shipping
Get It Here

If you’re looking for a name tag that’s small and delicate, then this puffy heart nickel and silver on brass tag is our pick. We love how the heart stands out from the tag itself and how the patina look gets rid of that “bright and shiny” appearance name tags sometimes have.

Rustic Bronze Dog Tag in a Guitar Pick Shape

Price: $20.00 + $3.97 shipping
Get It Here

If you’re a music lover or just like to go with things that are a little different, this rustic bronze dog tag in a guitar pick shape is our favorite pick (no pun intended). We love the grungy feel and the fact that this pick can actually be used to play! You can stamp the front and back of this tag too which is an added bonus.

4-sided Copper BAR Pet ID tag

Price: $16.00 + $4.49 shipping
Get It Here

We love this tag design so much that we actually have similarly designed keychains on our keys. The four sides of the bar provide plenty of room for your contact information and the tag itself is nice and slender so it’s very unassuming. Made from copper, this isn’t an ideal tag for smaller dogs, but it’s well suited for medium to larger breeds.

“Spoiled” Bling Charm

Price: $14.99
Get It Here

This charm isn’t necessarily a pet ID tag, it’s more of an “addition” or a bit of “bling” if you like. Stamped with a small paw print and the word “spoiled”, we love the lobster claw clip on this charm because it makes switching from collar to collar so much easier!

“Oh Poop I’m Lost” Silent Pet ID Tag

Price: $12.99 + $3.50 shipping
Get It Here

We don’t recommend these tags for your fancier collars, but for the more playful collar, they’re a great option simply because they’re eco-friendly and silent! Plus, you can personalize the bottom of each tag with your dog’s name and phone number and customize the color of the tag and text too.

Personalized ID Tag and Owner charm

Price: $25.50 + $12.50 shipping
Get It Here

If we had to pick just one pet ID tag from our list as our favorite, we’d choose this one because it comes with a pet ID tag and a matching charm for you too! While your pup wears their silhouetted ID tag, you can wear your pup’s silhouette with their name stamped on it on your keychain.

“HELLO, My Name Is…” Pet ID Tag

Price: $12.00 + $3.20 shipping
Get It Here

We love how these ID tags look just like those annoying nametags our employers make us wear at conventions because somehow, they’re cuter on dogs. While this tag is pink, you can also pick up a tag in blue or orange to match your dog’s collar. Each tag is 1.25” and is personalized with a handwritten font.

Call My People Pet Tag

Price: $49.00 + $4.56 shipping
Get It Here

Made from nickel silver or copper, this individually stamped pet ID tag features the phrase “Call My People” and can be personalized on the back side with your dog’s information. The 1.25” tag might seem expensive, but it’s made using an antique hammer for that personal touch.

“Life is Better with a Dog” Charm

Price: $14.99
Get It Here

This is another collar charm rather than an ID tag, but the sentiment is so perfect we couldn’t resist it. Stamped with the phrase “Life is Better with a Dog” and a heart, this tag uses a lobster claw clasp to make switching collars easy and the stainless steel is a great way to add some “bling” to your pup’s collar!

Sunflower Personalized Pet ID Tag

Price: $17.00 + $4.49 shipping
Get It Here

This copper on nickel silver tag has a stamped sunflower on the front side and can be stamped with your dog’s information on the back side. We love the double tag design of this piece and the hand-stamped look that adds a little shabby chic to your dog’s wardrobe.


10 Handmade Dog Feeders

Work Horse Elevated Dog Bowl

Price: $138.00 + $19 shipping
Get It Here

The western-themed pattern of this distressed feeder is a beautiful addition to any feeding area and ideal if you have a western themed kitchen. Made from pine wood with a distressed finish and rope accent, we love that this piece comes complete with two stainless steel bowls!

Highland Design Co. Elevated Dog Bowl

Price: $65.00 + $20.50 shipping
Get It Here

If you prefer a minimalistic look for your home, then this Highland Design Co. elevated feeder is for you. Made for smaller dogs, this feeder has a pinewood base and two 2-cup bowls that you can even personalize with your dog’s name if you choose. At 5.5” total, this isn’t ideal for medium to large dogs, but it’s perfect for smaller pups.

BillsCustomBuilds Farmhouse Dog Bowl Stand

Price: $155.00
Get It Here

This feeder is another one with a minimalist design, but it stands further off the ground making it more suitable for medium to large breed dogs. The base is made from poplar wood and comes complete with stainless steel bowls that you can even wash in the dishwasher. As an added bonus, this feeder is also made from environmentally friendly materials.

Bww Designs 3 Bowl Dog Bowl Stand Backsplash

Price: $120.00 + $48 shipping
Get It Here

If you have a multi-dog household and your pups are fine eating together, this three-bowl feeder is a great space saver and it’s beautiful to boot. Available in a range of heights, the feeder is an espresso color with a water-protective finish and has three stainless steel bowls that are included with the stand.

Groove This Woodshop Raised Dog Bowl Feeder

Price: + $32 shipping
Get It Here

There is something about this personalized feeder that we just can’t put our finger on, but we love it! Perfect for the corner of any kitchen nook, the stand of the feeder is painted white with an espresso finish top and the side can be personalized with an engraved sign with your dog’s name in either white or espresso. We also like that there’s an option for a small, medium, or large feeder so this feeder is perfect for dogs of all sizes!

Modern Ironworks Raised Dog Feeder Stand

Price: $139.99
Get It Here

If clean lines are your thing and you’re not looking for a wooden feeder, Modern Ironworks has some amazing breed-specific feeders to choose from. Painted with a black powder-coated finish, each feeder features two stainless steel bowls. Most impressive, though, is the metal art silhouette on each side of the feeder featuring your favorite breed.

Creative Carpentry of Maine Raised Dog Feeder

Price: $155.00 + $45 shipping
Get It Here

We weren’t sure whether to include this feeder because we aren’t big on having storage drawers below water bowls, but we know that some of you like that feature, so this one is for you! Available in a wide range of colored finishes, the drawer under this feeder is on ball-bearing sliders for easy access!

Modern Ironworks Metal 5 Puppy Litter Feeder

Price: $97.00
Get It Here

We couldn’t help featuring this 5 bowl feeder because if you’ve ever had a litter of pups in your care, then you know how much of a blessing it can be to be able to space them out at feeding time! What we love most about this feeder, though, is that it’s sturdy and won’t spin around as your pups eat!

GiveThemAPP Personalized Dog Bowl Stand

Price: $54.95 + $9.99 shipping
Get It Here

If you’re looking for a steel feeder that has a little more style to it, consider this personalized option with your dog’s name cut into the sides. This is a bowl that sits low to the ground so it’s not ideal for larger dogs, but it is a unique option for your smaller pups.

Fabian Woodworks Elevated Dog Bowls Stand

Price: $145.95
Get It Here

What we love most about this feeder is that it’s tall! We don’t see many feeders built for giant breeds, so we couldn’t miss sharing this one with you. Made from Australian Radiata pine stained in your choice of color, this feeder stands 16” tall and comes complete with two stainless steel bowls.


10 Handmade Dog Furniture

Clever Cat & Crafty Handmade Dog Stairs

Price: $134.99 + $24.99 shipping
Get It Here

Speaking from experience, sturdy steps for larger dogs can be difficult to find which is why we love these handmade dog steps! At 24” tall with a customizable width, these are a good option for your older dogs or dogs with hip dysplasia who need that extra boost. You can even personalize these handmade dog stairs with your favorite stain color.

J’adore Custom Luxury Handmade Dog Beds

Price: $179.99 + $25 shipping
Get It Here

If your dog is a snuggler then these handmade dog beds are a must-try. Linen covered with a furry lining inside the nest area, we will be picking one of these handmade dog beds up for our resident terrier this Christmas! We admit, this is a costly pet bed, but it’s made by hand and we have yet to find a better bed for snugglers and nesters.

Boutique Personalized Handmade Dog Beds

Price: $460.00
Get It Here

If you’re looking for luxurious handmade dog beds, then the Mini Bed Boutique is a port of call for you. Built specifically for small pups, this cameo bed can be customized with your dog’s initial and it comes with a soft pillow bed insert. Although it’s not for everyone, if you have a tendency to pamper your pooch, you’re going to love these handmade dog beds.

Maranatha Princess Handmade Dog Beds

Price: $399.00
Get It Here

Another type of luxury handmade dog beds for only the most pampered pooch, this princess bed has comfort built into it with a plump bed pillow and decorative cushions to match. We love the amount of detail that has gone into these handmade dog beds and the personalized crown at the head of the bed is the perfect finishing touch.

Alpine Wine Barrel Handmade Dog Beds

Price: $299.00
Get It Here

If you want to go for a luxury handmade dog beds but you’re not looking for that frilly feminine look, then the Alpine wine barrel handmade dog beds are our pick. 26” round, the bed frame is made from a red wine barrel and comes complete with a customizable cushion. We love this pick for every type of décor and for a sturdy and long-lasting bed.

Monkey Wood Custom Handmade Dog Crate

Price: $889.00 + $394.99 shipping
Get It Here

We know that many people crate their dogs, but we have always hated how plain most dog crates look. That’s why we have picked the Kennel Furniture custom indoor kennel handmade dog crate to include on the list. Made from pine wood, this kennel is built for two dogs and our favorite feature is the dividing wall that gives each of your pups their personal space.

Yalotz Creations Handmade Dog Toy Box

Price: $64.99 + $7.45 shipping
Get It Here

There are plenty of fabric toy boxes out there for your dog’s toys, but fabric toyboxes hold odor and bacteria which is why we love this wooden toybox! Made from solid wood with an ebony stain, this handmade dog toy box features a bone-shaped front and back and measures 18″ W 13″ D 7″ H.

Grasshanghai Semicircle Handmade Dog Beds

Price: $68.90
Get It Here

If you like non-traditional dog furniture pieces rather than picking dog furniture from IKEA then these semicircle rattan bed cave type of handmade dog beds are right for you smaller pup owners out there. This is quite a small dog bed so it won’t fit a much larger dog than a toy breed, but as far as design goes, we love these very original handmade dog beds.

Comic Book Super Hero Handmade Dog Beds

Price: $55.00
Get It Here

This is another perfect piece for the comic book lovers out there! Designed with a ring bumper around the bed and a plush center cushion, these are fantastic handmade dog beds for snugglers, although even at it’s largest, it is only sized to fit a 50lb dog, so if you’re a big breed parent, this isn’t the bed for you (or your pup, rather).

Happy Teepee Handmade Dog Teepee

Price: $99.99 + $42 shipping
Get It Here

TeePees are the newest trend when it comes to handmade dog beds and we couldn’t resist sharing just one on our list. The 100% cotton tent comes complete with wooden poles and a synthetic padded mat and it’s the ideal addition to your dog’s furniture if you’re going for cute, quirky, and comfortable. Certainly one of the most unique handmade dog beds on this or any other list.


10 Handmade Dog Memorials

6″ x 6″ Custom, Hand-Drawn Dog Portrait

Price: $175.00
Get It Here

There are plenty of great pet portrait artists out there, but Tammy Liu-Haller is one of our favorites. There is something so simple yet so intricate about her pencil portraits done in nothing but graphite pencil. Plus, with a timeline of between 6 to 10 days, she works quite quickly and can customize your order to fit multiple pets in one picture! We’re adding this one to our own wishlist!

Lily’s Atelier Memorial Pet Headstone

Price: $27.84
Get It Here

Choosing a memorial headstone for your dog is next to impossible. You want something that captures the depth of their role in your life and nothing ever seems to be that special. This 6” x 6” granite and marble “Loyal Companion” stone (you can upgrade to 12” x 12” for $40 more) comes pretty close though, it’s customizable and affordable too which can be harder to find if you’re not choosing a regular stone headstone or memorial plaque.

Personalized Pet Photo Pillow

Price: $49.95 + $8.95 shipping
Get It Here

If you don’t care to go with the more traditional pet memorial options, this personalized pet photo pillow is one of our favorite handmade pet memorial picks. You can choose from a range of sizes that vary from 14” to 24” (additional charges do apply for the larger options) and then customize it with a photo likeness of your dog. It’s a nice way to keep that special pup around and a less somber memorial choice.

Custom Dog/Pet Portrait, Bas-Relief

Price: $54.99 + $15 shipping
Get It Here

Remember how we were saying that there are a million and one pet portrait artists out there? Well, here’s another, but these pet portraits are done using sculpture rather than drawing. The bas-relief sculpture is made from polymer clay with painted highlights which gives a 3D appearance to the portrait (5.5″ x 3.5″). We love this as a gift idea for a grieving pet parent or simply a wonderful reminder of your pup!

Upcycled Dog Window Personalized Art

Price: $155.00 + $38 shipping
Get It Here

We don’t just love this idea because it uses upcycled materials (the window frame), but also love the uniqueness of it. Taking a wooden window sash, the artist uses acrylic paints to depict your pet peeking through the window. If you’re prone to tears, you will find that this one is a tearjerker, but it’s such a great art piece and will make a good thoughtful gift for any pet parent!

Frankie Paquin Custom Artwork of Your Pet

Price: $70.00 + $4.49
Get It Here

If you are looking for a more traditional pet portrait, Frankie Paquin is an incredibly talented artist who offers custom pet portraits. Frankie works in pastels on suede matboard and has a unique talent for capturing texture in her work and she doesn’t just draw dogs, she can draw cats and pigs too!

Illuminating Etch-A-Pet Portraits

Price: $195.00
Get It Here

If we had to pick one pet memorial that really stands out, it’d be the illuminating etch-a-pet portraits from GP Artistic Creations. Etched into an 8” x 10” clear acrylic sheet and set into a wooden frame with LED lights in the base. We love the idea of this portrait option because one lit up it brings your dog’s picture to life in a way that a traditional portrait doesn’t.

Pet Portrait Necklace, 25mm Pendant

Price: $55.00 + $4.99 shipping
Get It Here

If you’re looking for something to remember your pup by that you can carry with you anywhere you go, a pet portrait pendant necklace is a great choice. If necklaces aren’t your thing, though, you can get one of these portraits done on a keychain too. We like the idea of a necklace memorial because it’s personalized and artsy at the same time.

Custom Stuffed Animal

Price: $179.00 + $6.12
Get It Here

Nothing can come close to the comfort that your pup gave you during their lifetime, but there is something comforting in a custom stuffed animal made in the likeness of your dog. Measuring between 12” and 15”, these stuffed animals are modeled using photographs of your dog to ensure that your dog is represented to a tee. It takes about one month for each custom toy to be made, but that’s really not that long when you look at the work that goes into each one!

Custom Pet Nose Pendant

Price: $45.00 + $5.19 shipping
Get It Here

If you like the idea of a pendant but feel like a portrait isn’t quite what you’re looking for? A custom nose imprint pendant is a nice alternative. Made from a print of your dog’s nose, this pendant is something special to remember your pup by, but you do have to look into having one made before losing your dog if you would like to use this pendant as a memorial.

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