Does your dog need special care?

Need a way to keep your dog clean then please keep reading below as they have some great tips and tricks to keeping your dog clean and looking smart . 

Of course if you need a professional dog groomer in Sydney then you can reach out and contact us as well and we will put you in touch with a mobile dog wash or grooming service

There are certain breeds of dogs that come into the grooming salon that need extra care due to their breed traits:

Brachycephalic dog

Brachycephalic dog

Brachycephalic Breeds – Pugs/Bulldogs/Shih Tzus

These breeds have shortened noses and compressed faces. This impairs airflow through the upper respiratory system. This can result in an increased risk of over-heating when over-exercised or stressed. Extra care also needs to be taken during handling. These dogs have bulging eyes which may prolapse (pop out of the socket) if restrained excessively in any situation.

Chondrodystrophic dog

Chondrodystrophic dog

Chondrodystrophic Breeds – Basset Hounds/Dachshund

These are long-bodied dogs that are prone to disc and back problems. It is therefore essential to lift them correctly so as not to cause damage.

Breeds prone to Skin Fold Pyoderma – Shar Pei/Pugs/Bulldogs

This is an inflammatory skin disorder which can develop in skin folds as they provide a warm, humid environment e.g. face, base of tail, armpits and groin. It is essential that groomers get in-between these folds as dry as possible to prevent infection.

These are just some of the main issues we see that owners tend not to be aware of. As an owner, you can see if your dog has bulging eyes, but were you aware that they can pop out? It’s always helpful to research your breed to ensure you can provide the best care possible and reduce the risk of problems arising. At Blissful Brush – Professional Dog Grooming Salon Derry / Londonderry we cater for all your dogs needs, paying close attention to any medical conditions they may have. Our mentality is putting your dogs comfort and well being before everything else.

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Trouble With Your Dog Being Washed ?

We never like to out one of our dogs or owners under any stress , and we always look for better ways of doing things so that we can provide the very best care. 

One of our colleagues provides great tips on training your new puppy or even your older dog so they can be washed without getting stressed , hurting themselves, and being happy to see the Dog Groomer next time?

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