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Do you realize how dangerous it is to allow your dog to be unrestrained while riding in the a vehicle? What if your pup tried to jump in your lap while you were driving? He could also be a big distraction when moving around the vehicle while you are trying to focus on the road. If you have a small- or medium-sized breed, a dog car seat offers an easy way to keep him restrained and comfortable during car travel.

Not only will the right car seat support your pet’s weight, it will also allow him to stand up, sit down and turn around. And, of course, a dog car seat must be comfortable for your furry family member. The Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat meets all of these requirements (as long as your dog weighs less than 20 pounds), and this is your chance to win one for FREE!

Some car seats have a solid base that gives your dog a boost and supports him. Others, like the Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat, are a bucket-style type car seat. Your dog sits down inside the ‘bucket’ and it is attached to your car’s seat with adjustable straps, so you can lift it up higher to allow your pup to see out the window.

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FREE Dog Supplies That You’ll Receive

Devoted Doggy Luxury Pet Booster Seat Giveaway

This dog car seat is made of a collapsible metal frame construction, and there is a removable plush liner that covers the frame. This liner is machine washable. There is also a zippered pocket on the front of the car seat. It’s not very big, but you could fit a collar and leash, small dog toys or a package of treats.

The Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat comes with an adjustable tether strap. This strap secures to your dog’s harness and prevents him from moving around the car while you’re driving. The dimensions of the basket are only 14″L X 12″W X 7″D. Again, it is only recommended for dogs weighing less than 20 pounds.

Devoted Doggy Luxury Pet Booster Seat Giveaway

This doggy car seat can fit on any bucket seat, which means you may only be able to use it in the front seat of your car. If you happen to have a split back seat or bucket seats in the back of your vehicle, you’ll be able to use it there as well.

There are two straps that secure the product to your car seat. Both straps are easily adjustable. One goes around the headrest of the seat and the other goes around the back of the seat to keep the Devoted Doggy from sliding back and forth when you’re driving.

Your dog will enjoy being lifted up so that he can see out the window. Plus, the faux wool lining will keep him comfortable and warm while traveling. The outer canvas material is durable to prevent rips and fraying.

How to enter the giveaway

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