My Dog Is Out Of Control And Untrainable!? What Do I Do?

Need a way to keep your dog clean then please keep reading below as they have some great tips and tricks to keeping your dog clean and looking smart . 

Of course if you need a professional dog groomer in Sydney then you can reach out and contact us as well and we will put you in touch with a mobile dog wash or grooming service

My readers often tell me: “My dog is out of control and untrainable!? What do I do?” I guess we’ve been lucky. After working with hundreds of dogs we haven’t come across one that was untrainable. One reader says: We have a 7 month old Bichon Maltese mix puppy…potty training is going very badly. We

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Trouble With Your Dog Being Washed ?

We never like to out one of our dogs or owners under any stress , and we always look for better ways of doing things so that we can provide the very best care. 

One of our colleagues provides great tips on training your new puppy or even your older dog so they can be washed without getting stressed , hurting themselves, and being happy to see the Dog Groomer next time?

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