Why Groom Your Dog?

Need a way to keep your dog clean then please keep reading below as they have some great tips and tricks to keeping your dog clean and looking smart . 

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Some dog owners ask the question ‘Why groom your dog?’.For most people, the reason they get their dog groomed is to make it look pretty and smell nice. There are however, other advantages to getting your precious pooch pampered:

  • Prevents coat from matting – Prevention is better than cure. A dog that comes into a salon already matted will probable have to be shaved so as not to cause unnecessary pain and stress.

    Matted Hair Clump

    Here you can see just how badly matted the dog was.

    Even if the matting can be removed with minimal discomfort to the dog, the damage that has been done to the coat through the de-matting process will cause the coat to matt again more quickly. However, if you bring your dog in for regular grooms, the coat can be well maintained and your dog won’t have to leave bald!! A Mini Groom is a great idea for in-between full grooms to maintain the coat in good condition, at a lower price.

  • Health Checks – Well trained groomers should not take the dog from you unless a full health check is completed. A health check will involve your groomer having a good feel of the dogs coat to check for any matting, this could also uncover lumps, bumps and skin problems which would affect the grooming process. Groomers regularly find health issues that owners are unaware of. The groomer will have a look at the dogs, eyes, ears, mouth and bum to check for any issues which could cause problems or be made worse during grooming. This is all done to help ensure the grooming process is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible for your dog.
  • Reduces skin complaints – When a dog’s coat is not cared for, it can cause a lot of skin problems e.g. skin under matts is getting pulled and nipped which, alone, can cause sores and irritations but dogs will often scratch the area to try and ease the pain and in-turn make it worse. A clean coat will help prevent the skin getting flakey or greasy and will help prevent dander.
  • Helps with bonding – If you have a breed that needs groomed regularly but is very nervous or grumpy, taking him/her to the groomer for regular, short visits can help with this as it will help them bond. Hopefully the dog will gradually learn to trust the groomer enough to be groomed. Grooming your dog at home, e.g. giving them a wee brush while sitting on the sofa watching tv, will also be a good bonding experience.
  • Puppy socialisation – Taking your puppy in at an early age (as long as it’s fully vaccinated) will help in the socialisation process. Your pup needs to get used to new people, noises and experiences to help it grow into a well-behaved adult.

So hopefully the next time your asked – ‘why groom your dog?’.. I hope you can remember all these important points.

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